Sustainable Finance

We support businesses in their journey towards a greener future by directing capital towards projects that contribute to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. A key part of our strategy involves Green and Blue Bonds, fixed-income securities designed to fund environmentally beneficial projects. Green Bonds focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable water management, while Blue Bonds finance marine and ocean-based projects, including the preservation of marine ecosystems and sustainable fisheries. Through these bonds, we channel capital into initiatives that combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

Global Private Equity

We stand as a beacon in the realm of private equity business, boasting a diversified global platform spanning industries, regions, and strategies, consistently delivering unmatched outcomes for our partners. Our comprehensive capabilities span the entire growth lifecycle, covering sourcing capital, due diligence, and value enhancement. Through strategic collaborations, we equip companies with a global network, granting access to an array of resources that drive operational improvements, ignite revenue expansion, and facilitate geographical growth.

Global Credit

In the sphere of global credit, we recognise that robust performance hinges on robust partnerships. We leverage our extensive resources to propel business objectives forward, offering innovative solutions and scalability. This approach creates unique opportunities for stakeholders to seize value across the complete credit spectrum.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our M&A advisory services are comprehensive, covering a wide range of activities from the initial stages of identifying targets to valuation, due diligence, negotiation, financing, documentation, and finalizing transactions. We deliver tailored guidance on expansion through acquisitions or joint ventures, as well as enhancing operations through sales processes. Our services extend to offering strategic advice to address diverse client needs, including aspects related to brands, assets, partnerships, and agreements, thereby facilitating significant growth opportunities for our clients.

Corporate Advisory

Amidst a competitive landscape, it’s imperative for companies to thoroughly comprehend their operational landscape and address pivotal industry-related queries to gauge their impact on future growth. We offer guidance across various strategic initiatives, empowering businesses to attain optimal growth. Our assistance extends beyond financial decisions; we actively contribute to overarching corporate, strategic, and business resolutions crucial for realising the broader vision of the company.

Debt Syndication

We serve as a consultant, facilitating fund acquisition through diverse debt instruments while aiding clients in fortifying their financial positions by offering capital structure options optimised for maximum profitability. We forge enduring relationships with our clients, delivering tailored and timely solutions that align with their financial objectives. Leveraging our extensive network of financial institutions and robust ties with banks, we provide customised solutions tailored to meet specific client needs.

Public Market Entry Solutions

Leveraging our expertise and extensive network, we provide comprehensive support to companies seeking to enter the public market. Our tailored guidance encompasses every stage of the IPO journey, from meticulous planning and regulatory compliance to strategic execution, aiming to maximise the success of our clients’ listings on esteemed stock exchanges.