About Us

Our dedication to providing tailored guidance is underscored by our deep-seated values of integrity, transparency, and entrepreneurial empowerment. We foster enduring relationships by aligning our growth-oriented approach with the dynamic needs of our clients. With a portfolio that spans across multiple continents, we bring a unique international perspective to every solution we offer.

Our commitment goes beyond transactions; we contribute positively to the global socio-economic landscape by empowering businesses worldwide. Our success lies in our ability to combine visionary thinking with industry authority. We aim to be catalysts for unparalleled growth, driving innovation and sustainable success in a rapidly evolving global market.


Our vision is to lead as the pioneering force propelling businesses towards unparalleled growth by deploying strategic capital. We envision leveraging our extensive network not only to empower industries but also to foresee a future where our strategic prowess enables us to collaborate with authorities, fostering socio-economic development through funding solutions.


Our mission is to curate a diversified portfolio of conglomerates, streamlining access to strategic capital and fostering sustainable growth. We aspire to drive economic progress and contribute to societal development on a global scale.


Guided by integrity, transparency, and entrepreneurial empowerment, we foster growth. Beyond capital, we offer mentorship and resources to fuel innovative ventures. Embracing visionary thinking, we seek impactful, disruptive ideas. We prioritise trust in long-term relationships, adapt swiftly to market changes, and provide strategic guidance for portfolio success.

Our Leaders

Rakesh Sagar

Director – Finance and Strategy

Rakesh is a dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur hailing from the vibrant Kingdom of Bahrain. Armed with a strong educational foundation in economics, Rakesh possesses a rare amalgamation of theoretical proficiency and practical experience within the financial landscape.

Over the course of his career, Rakesh has consistently showcased his prowess in orchestrating intricate financial transactions, boasting an impressive track record. His adeptness has led to successfully brokering financial deals totalling over USD40 million within just 4 years. His commitment to excellence and remarkable insights have established him as a trusted and influential figure in the financial sector. In addition to his achievements in finance, Rakesh has ventured into entrepreneurship, founding prosperous ventures in marketing, advertisement, and contracting.

Rakesh’s passion for the nuances of business and finance, coupled with his innate ability to navigate the complexities of the industry, positions him as a pivotal asset within our team. His visionary approach and expertise are integral in our dedication to providing customised solutions for our clients’ success. Rakesh’s distinctive skill set, and deep comprehension of economics make him an invaluable contributor to our mission of empowering clients and delivering optimal financial solutions.

E. George

Director – Operations and Strategy

George is a highly experienced professional with a distinguished career spanning a decade in defence. Renowned as a seasoned educator, he holds the esteemed position of Professor specializing in Business Management, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Europe, Potsdam & Berlin.

With a wealth of expertise, George passionately imparts his extensive knowledge to shape the future generation of leaders. His profound experience in strategic management and operations provides invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape.

Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Strategy, George holds an MBA in Operations Management and a bachelor’s degree in business management. His multifaceted skill set encompasses strategic risk and crisis management within business operations. He possesses an exceptional proficiency in data science, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence, further enhancing his prowess in the field.

Jagdish Sagar

Director – Client Relations

Jagdish Sagar, born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain, embarked on his professional journey at a remarkable age of 20, showcasing an innate understanding of the banking and telecommunications sectors. His early prowess led him to take on a pivotal role in the fintech industry, placing him at the helm of a promising start-up that swiftly evolved into the largest fintech company in Bahrain.

Demonstrating exceptional agility and dedication, Jagdish swiftly ascended from an executive to management within a span of three years, underscoring his entrepreneurial drive and commitment. His adept leadership significantly contributed to the company’s impressive revenue growth and played a fundamental role in the government’s digital transformation initiatives.

Jagdish holds a BBA from BIT, Ranchi, and an MSc in Financial Technology from Manchester Metropolitan University. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a visionary approach, positions him as an asset in our mission to empower clients and drive impactful change.